What do I need?

If you're looking for a basic rental:

You want the Standard Contax Kit, all you have to add is film! This kit comes with everything you need to start shooting, including a Zeiss 80mm f/2 lens. This is our most popular item.

If you're shooting an important job:

In addition to the basic rental equipment, we'd recommend at least a second 120/220 film insert, if not a second film back, too. We think it's critical to be prepared for important jobs, and while we are attentive to the condition of our equipment, things can always happen.

If you're going to a workshop:

You might consider adding a couple of items to the standard rental kit, including an extra 120/220 film insert, extra film back, light meter, and Hoya macro filters. Workshops provide a unique opportunity to ask the pros a lot of questions and build your portfolio, so get the most out of it!

What about the other camera options?

All of the cameras we rent come ready to use out of the box, all you have to add is film. This applies to Contax, Hasselblad, or any others, and for both medium format and 35mm. Each available camera lists what its respective standard kit rental includes on the Cameras page.