Rent-to-Own Terms

Here are the full terms of our Rent-to-Own plan. If you still have questions please email Edward:

1. Deposit

Buyer shall pay a non-refundable $1,000 deposit for any Contax 645 camera kit (“Kit”) that is entered into RTO, regardless of the selling price of the Kit. This deposit may be paid by any form of payment that Contax Rental is able to accept, including credit and debit cards. Until this $1,000 deposit is paid, RTO is void and Seller may sell the Contax 645 equipment to another buyer.

2. Payments and Rentals

There is no required minimum payment, payment schedule, or minimum number of rentals during the life of this RTO. After the initial deposit, Buyer shall make payments, and/or rent the Kit until the balance is paid in full by the due date listed herein.

Payments shall be made via a fee-free method, which includes check, money order, or PayPal gift, or any other form of fee-free payment Seller has approved in writing to Buyer. Any payments, apart from rentals, made by credit card or debit card, or other method not approved by Seller which charges a fee, shall be returned to Buyer, and that payment shall not be counted toward the RTO balance.

Rentals shall be booked through the normal Contax Rental channels. The fee-free payment stipulation listed above is waived for rentals. Buyer is renting the Contax 645 named herein, and Seller shall apply half (50%) of the rental fees, excluding shipping or any optional add-on items, toward the RTO balance.

3. Term

Buyer has 180-days from the date of on this agreement (“Due Date”) to pay for the Contax 645 camera Kit in full. The Due Date shall not be changed for any reason.

4. Refund

There are no refunds for any portion of rent-to-own payments, including the deposit. One (1) day after the Due Date, if Buyer has not paid the balance in full, Buyer forfeits the Kit and any payments that have been made. Seller shall, at his discretion, offer any Kit, in whole or in part, publicly for sale as soon as one (1) day after the Due Date, when Buyer’s balance is not paid in full.

5. Loss, Theft, and Damage

Seller agrees to assume responsibility for any loss, theft, or damage to the Kit while in Seller’s possession. This shall include while in transport during or after a rental, so long as Buyer ships the Kit with an approved Contax Rental carrier, and so long as Buyer reuses the same Contax Rental supplied shipping materials that initially came with the Kit. In the event of loss, theft, or damage, Contax Rental shall replace any or all components of the Kit with parts of the same quality or better, subject to Contax Rental’s discretion, and return the kit to the same functional level it had at the time this RTO was signed.

Buyer agrees to assume responsibility for any loss, theft, or damage to the Kit while in Buyer’s possession. Should the Kit, or any of its components, become lost, stolen, or damaged, Buyer agrees to continue to abide by this R20, and any loss, theft, or damage shall not affect this agreement in any way, nor shall it affect any outstanding balance Buyer owes Seller for the Kit. Should damage, loss, or theft occur while the Kit in is Buyer’s possession, Buyer may, at his/her discretion, choose to pay for repairs and/or replacement parts at his/her expense, to return the Kit to proper operation.

6. Returns

There are no returns for Rent-To-Own Kits. If the Kit arrives to Buyer with defects, or has any defects within thirty (30) days of delivery which Seller deems is not the result of misuse or abuse by Buyer or a third party, Seller shall, at his discretion, repair the Kit at his expense to return it to the same functional level it had at the time this RTO was signed. Should Seller deem that repairs alone cannot correct the defects, Seller shall, at his discretion, replace the Kit with a Kit of equal condition and value at no charge to the Buyer.

7. Substitution

Substitutions are not permitted.

8. Kit Exclusivity

Seller agrees to rent the Kit named herein only and exclusively to Buyer for the duration of this RTO. Should Buyer not fulfill this RTO by the Due Date, Seller may offer this Kit for resale, as defined in point #4 of this agreement.

Buyer agrees that no third party may rent this Kit, even if Buyer requests it, and that no third party may make payments towards the balance of this RTO without written consent from Seller.

9. Delivery

Seller will ship Kit item(s), fully insured via standard ground delivery, within four (4) business days after the balance has been paid in full.  Buyer may choose to pay for expedited shipping at his/her expense, if available.