Long Term Rental


Professional photographers who want the benefit of a Contax 645 in their camera bag, but don't necessarily want to own one, or are concerned about long-term reliability or repair costs, now have another option: Long Term Rental. Enjoy all the benefits of using the Contax system without any of the ownership risks.

Benefits Include:

Warranty: No-cost repairs for long term rental cameras*

Loaner: No-cost loaner if your long term rental camera needs repair*

Flexibility: Three available rental lengths to fit your needs

Value: Big savings vs. frequent renting

3-month rental, $359/month

6-month rental, $279/month

12-month rental, $189/month

*No-cost repairs only apply to mechanical issues arising from normal use. Accidents, abuse, or the like are not covered. Lessee is responsible for shipping charges.

This program is new for 2020 and has limited availability through at least the fist half of the year.

Ready to start your Long Term Rental? Apply here.