Contax 645 Kit

Our Contax 645 kits include everything you need to start shooting:

  • Auto Exposure (AE) prism
  • Film back and 120/220 film insert
  • Zeiss T* 80mm f/2 lens
  • Neck strap
  • Extra battery
  • User manual

The Contax 645 is a medium format, single-lens reflex (SLR) camera that produces a 6cm x 4.5cm negative. It takes standard 120 and 220 roll film. For 120 film, you will get 16 images per roll (twice as many for 220 film). Because it's an SLR camera you can change lenses on the fly, even when film is loaded.

The camera has a built-in light meter, though most serious film shooters use a dedicated handheld meter so that they have the option for incident as well as reflected readings. The camera allows you to meter in both matrix and spot metering, via a switch on top of the prism.

The camera has auto focus, though if you're used to more modern digital SLR cameras, the auto focus in the Contax will likely leave you underwhelmed. That said, there are auto focus modes, S (single) and C (continuous), and you can adjust those setting on the back of the camera. If you leave it in manual focus mode (M), then you have the option to back-button focus as well, via the little button in the center of the auto focus selector switch. It's kind of a weird quirk that this button only works in M mode.

The Contax 645 has removable film backs. This means that you can shoot multiple film stocks simultaneously. If you're shooting with one film stock, say Portra 400, and you haven't finished the roll, but want to start shooting T-Max black-and-white, all you do is replace the dark slide into the forward slot, remove the film back, and then install another film back with the T-Max. The first film back will keep the film dark and safe, and the frame counter on top will remember where you left off.

The Contax 645 takes specific 2CR5 lithium-ion batteries. There are companies that make rechargeable versions of the 2CR5, but we find these batteries to be dangerous to the Contax and therefore do not recommend them if you own a Contax 645 (and do not permit them to be used in our rental cameras).

Additional Specifications

    • Auto focus: Yes
    • Auto film winder: Yes
    • Built-in light meter: Yes
    • Shooting modes: Manual, Bulb, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority
    • Maximum shutter speed: 1/4,000th
    • Maximum aperture: f/2
    • Minimum aperture: f/22
    • Approximate camera kit weight: 4.5 lbs.

Frequent Questions

What comes with a Contax rental?

We list what our cameras come with on the Cameras page.

What kind of film does the Contax use?

The Contax 645 is a medium format camera, and it uses 120 or 220 roll film.

Does the Contax rental include film?


How many images do you get per roll of film?

If you're using 120 film, you should get 16 images per roll. If you're using 220 you get twice as many at 32.

What kind of batteries does the Contax use?

If you don't have the extended grip (which uses standard AA batteries), the Contax uses 2CR5 batteries. We only permit the use of Varta Professional 2CR5 batteries to be used in our cameras. If you think you will need an extra battery or two, we have extras we can sell you at the time you reserve your camera.

Do you rent grips, lenses, and other Contax 645 gear?

Yes; you can find available accessories here.

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