Contax Rental is a labor of love for film. We believe in film and we think you should, too.

Contax Rental started because it was clear to us that there were a lot of people looking to experience the Contax 645. Since the Contax company went out of business in 2005, the 645 has been on a steady climb in popularity, and as a result of no more supply, the prices have been on a steady upward trend as well.

Finding a good Contax 645 to purchase is tricky enough, but if you wanted to rent one to shoot with before deciding to buy, or if you just wanted to play and experiment with the camera, it was nearly impossible to get your hands on one. Camera shops no longer have them, and rental companies focus on modern equipment. We decided to change that.

With just a few cameras, we launched our little rental business at the end of June 2013. Within two months we had doubled our camera inventory, had been asked to sponsor shoots and workshops, and had were getting inundated with rental requests. In the summer of 2014, with expanding staff, we added to our rental pool with other great cameras including Hasselblad and Pentax.

If you’re considering shooting film, whether you’re new to it or not, we hope you follow-through with that consideration, regardless of where you you rent, buy, or borrow. Film is a beautiful medium, one that needs to be preserved, and if you’ve never experienced creating images with it, you’re really missing out.

If you have any questions about what you see on our site, please drop us a line. If you're ready to put a Contax 645 in your hands and start making images, you can find our rental quote form here.

We're looking forward to working with you.

~ Edward & The Contax Rental Team