Welcome to Contax Rental, The Contax 645 Authority. 

Contax Rental has more Contax 645s to rent than anyone else. Our available equipment includes complete kits, many different accessories, and lenses.

We're unique in part because we're focused almost exclusively on the Contax 645 system, and we've earned a reputation as having a vast breadth and depth of knowledge about the system; knowledge that we're pleased to impart to our clients. And because we ship to all corners of the USA, our equipment offering is not only the most complete, but the most readily available nationwide.

Whether you’re totally new to film or are a seasoned professional in need of a backup or a stand-in for your own equipment, you’ve come to the right place.

We've expanded our camera offerings to include the Contax N1 35mm, Hasselblad H1/Fuji GX (645), and the Pentax 645N. If you're considering all or some of these cameras for your own collection, now you can shoot with each one before making the big decision.

Learn more about our cameras and lenses, and be sure to read our FAQ about the rental process. If you’re looking to buy Contax 645 cameras, parts or accessories, find them in our store.